What Are the Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers?

What Are the Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers?

Most people who have never experienced it do not know that addiction is very complicated. Well beyond just the substance that someone is addicted to. In some instances, a person can develop a mental illness because of their addiction or can develop an addiction to learn to cope with their mental illness. Regardless of how it forms, dealing with mental illness and addiction is difficult and impossible to overcome without the right treatment. That is where dual diagnosis treatment comes in. For those struggling with both addiction and mental illness, dual diagnosis treatment is the care they need to get clean. But how does it work, and why? 

At Atlas Healthcare Group, you’re the center of our world, and we want to do everything we can to provide you with the best quality care for both your addiction and your mental illness. This requires the latest in dual diagnosis care as well as an understanding of the type of mental health issues that a person with an addiction may be suffering from. 

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What Are Some Common Mental Health Issues Associated With Drug Addiction? 

Millions of Americans have mental health issues that they are dealing with, but certain mental health issues are directly connected to or easily associated with having an addiction. Knowing which issues are most commonly linked to addiction makes it easier to find the treatment that they need once they finally decide to get help. 

Though a person with an addiction can have any sort of mental health problem, certain mental health disorders are more common in those with addiction

Of the potential mental health issues, the most common among those who have or who later develop an addiction is major depressive disorder (otherwise called depression). Many people struggle with depression and need clinical assistance and a combination of medications to deal with their depression and be able to function normally. Depression can onset suddenly and even last for months at a time. This is why some people suffering from depression turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with their depression. 

However, addiction can also cause a person to develop depression as a result of the effects of the substance they are abusing, the consequences of the addiction, or the behavior they take to fuel their addiction. Many people with addictions are ashamed of their addictions and may engage in secretive behavior to hide or cover up their addiction. This can lead them to feel isolated from family and friends and develop a depressive disorder. 

Similar to depression, many people with anxiety can turn to substances to cope with symptoms like paranoia, panic, and difficulty being around new people or situations. Addiction can cause an anxiety disorder in the same way as with depression, meaning that in either case, the two problems will feed off of each other, which makes them even more difficult to treat. 

One final mental health condition that is closely linked to addiction is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). The experience of trauma causes PTSD and can last for years or even decades without proper treatment. PTSD is so severe that a large portion of people who suffer from it can become completely debilitated when it is triggered. PTSD is quite common, affecting a great percentage of military veterans and even average civilians who have experienced things like violent crime, tragedy, or catastrophic events. One reason that people with PTSD turn to alcohol and substance is due to the lack of affordable care that is available for PTSD or the stigma that is surrounding it. This makes it one of the most common co-occurring disorders that require dual diagnosis treatment.

What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment? 

When you come to a dual diagnosis treatment center, you’ll notice there are some key differences from standard addiction treatment. Rehab for dual diagnosis is not singularly focused on treating substance abuse like your typical rehab center. The staff is trained to deal with the full range of mental health issues, and the treatment structure is meant to coincide the addiction treatment with the treatment for mental health issues. 

At a dual diagnosis recovery center like one of ours at Atlas Healthcare Group, the staff are trained to understand the links between mental health and addiction, and that way, they can come up with a plan to treat both at the same time. Only by treating both problems at the same time can treatment actually work. The two problems are constantly feeding off of one another. If only one is treated, it will always pop back up, such as treating addiction but not the depression that goes along with it. The depression will cause a relapse and continued substance abuse. 

Dual diagnosis rehab is a specialized type of rehab that is capable of dealing with both the effects of addiction and mental illness so that the client has a true chance at getting sober and improving their mental health for the long term. Treatment varies in these situations, from standard one on one and group counseling to behavioral therapy and even the use of medication to manage the number of mental health symptoms and episodes. A proper mental health professional oversees all treatments and medications to control the amount given and used so that there is no chance of addiction while taking medication to treat conditions like depression and anxiety. 

Now is the Time to Get Help With Atlas Healthcare Group 

We know that recognizing you have a problem is tough and that going to get help can be even tougher. The longer you stay struggling with your mental health and addiction, the more harm you cause to yourself and others. That’s why it is important to find a dual diagnosis rehab near you right away and begin the work needed to live a sober life. 

At one of our facilities, you will receive world-class treatment that includes a full rehab program that is tailored just to you. This includes addiction treatment and treatment to help manage your mental health problems. Our staff all have years of experience dealing with these kinds of issues and the compassion to make you feel like more than just another addict. All of our clients matter to us, and we will do everything we can to set them on the path to good mental health and sobriety. 

Atlas Healthcare Group offers California addiction and mental health treatment. Before your addiction does any more harm, click or call today and get started on your recovery journey. 

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