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Roughly 8% of all preteens, teenagers and adults in California have a diagnosable drug problem. Without a doubt, many of those affected live in the state’s populous southern metropolises. Unfortunately, the majority of those affected do not receive specialized substance treatment. There are many possible reasons for not seeking needed help for drug addiction. In a significant number of cases, the issue is resistance to the idea of entering a suitable recovery program.

What can you do to help a friend or family member who won’t seek treatment for a serious drug problem? One potential option is to stage an intervention for that person. In an intervention, you make a coordinated attempt to get your loved one to agree to seek treatment. You can potentially take a do-it-yourself approach to this crucial task. But a far better option may be to call on the services of a professional drug interventionist. That’s true because these specialists have the training needed to help an intervention achieve its intended purpose.

Considering staging an intervention in Los Angeles or another Southern California community? Talk to the experts at Atlas Healthcare. We feature a staff of dedicated, experienced drug interventionists. Our goal is to help you maximize your chances of success in getting your loved one to seek the treatment they need.

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How to Respond to a Loved One Who Resists Entering a Treatment Program

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California is not the only state where relatively few people get the help they need for substance problems. In fact, this trend is nationwide. Most affected people don’t seek help because they feel like they don’t need it. Your loved one who takes this stance may truly think that they’re doing fine. However, they may also be in denial of the obvious impact of their drug use. 

In a best-case scenario, no one would need encouragement to enroll in a suitable recovery program. But the stark reality is that many people do. Encouragement can come in a variety of forms. That includes the kind of motivating pressure put on your loved one in an intervention. Does this outside pressure decrease the odds that addiction treatment will be effective? No. The nation’s top addiction experts agree that rehab can work just as well for people who need to be persuaded to seek help. 

Want to know more about the usefulness of a drug intervention as a tool of persuasion? Talk to the professionals at Atlas Healthcare today.


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What Takes Place During an Intervention?

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Drug interventions and alcohol interventions operate on the same basic principles. In both cases, the focus is on using persuasion and consequences to encourage your loved one to enter treatment. That’s true regardless of whether that person:

  • Doesn’t perceive the negative personal and social effects of their drug use
  • Refuses to acknowledge these effects despite being aware of them

By definition, an intervention is an attempt to get someone to take actions they otherwise might not take. It would seem like an element of confrontation is inevitable in this kind of situation. However, an intervention is not a clash between two opposing forces. It’s a thoughtful attempt to act in your loved one’s best interests. 

A properly designed intervention starts with careful planning. From this planning follows a sequence of steps that includes:

  • Educating yourself about your loved one’s drug problem and the actions needed to address it
  • Picking a group of people to take part in the intervention
  • Choosing the consequences your loved one will face if they still won’t enter treatment
  • Using role playing and other methods to practice for the intervention
  • Staging the intervention 
  • Moving on to appropriate next steps when the intervention ends

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The Benefits of Professional Drug Interventions in Southern California

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A well-planned drug intervention can be the spark that starts your loved one’s lasting recovery. However, when poorly staged, an intervention can actually decrease the odds that they will enter rehab. How can you shift the odds for success in your favor? By seeking professional Southern California drug intervention services. In fact, input from a professional is recommended for all people planning to stage an intervention. 

What kinds of professionals offer drug intervention services? Depending on your situation, the list of qualified providers may include:

  • Specialized interventionists
  • Addiction experts
  • Psychiatrists or psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Counselors specializing in addiction or mental health

All of these providers share one thing in common. Namely, they possess skills that can help you improve all aspects of your proposed intervention. Specific benefits of access to these skills include such things as:

  • Ensuring that you follow best practices when planning your intervention
  • Simplifying the task of learning about addiction and its treatment
  • Making better decisions when picking your intervention team
  • Helping you choose suitable consequences in case your loved one fails to enter rehab
  • Guiding you toward appropriate treatment resources if your loved agrees to get help

Some drug interventionists in Southern California play only an advisory role. However, others also directly participate in the intervention itself. 

Want more information on the important benefits of professional drug interventions in Southern California? Contact the friendly experts at Atlas Healthcare today to learn more about our Southern California substance abuse treatment centers.

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Things to Remember About Drug Interventions

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No one can guarantee the success of a drug intervention. In some cases, nothing will convince someone struggling with addiction to attempt to get sober. But you can have a very real impact on the outcome of an intervention. Steps that make positive results more likely include:

  • Avoiding arguing with your loved one or using language that shames or blames them
  • Understanding that your loved one may not agree to seek help
  • Making sure that your loved one understands that you’ll take immediate action based on their response to the intervention
  • Assuring your loved one that they’ll have your full support during their addiction recovery 

Bear in mind that the use of drug interventionists in Los Angeles and other area communities can give you an important edge. At the very least, you’ll know that you’ve done everything possible to encourage your loved one to change.

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Drug interventions are potentially useful for anyone trying to help a loved one resistant to entering rehab. That’s because these carefully planned meetings use pressure and persuasion as tools to overcome treatment resistance. While you can take a DIY approach to an intervention, a surer option is to hire a professional interventionist. Intervention professionals have the skills needed to support all phases of your quest to help your loved one.

Looking for a drug intervention expert in Southern California? At Atlas Healthcare, we include intervention services among our comprehensive resources for addiction recovery. No matter your situation, we’re committed to providing customized guidance and support. To find out more about how we can help, just contact us today via telephone or another of our convenient options. 

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