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Long Beach is a thriving coastal community in Los Angeles County. Like many other areas in the county, residents of Long Beach often face challenges related to substance use disorder (SUD). SUD can lead to serious symptoms of addiction and substance abuse, necessitating the need for drug or alcohol rehab. Rehab plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive support for both short-term and long-term recovery from SUD.

If you or your loved one requires SUD treatment, you can turn to the experts at Atlas Healthcare’s Long Beach drug and alcohol rehab centers. Our facilities in the greater Los Angeles area offer customized resources specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals affected by substance use disorder. Whether you need detoxification or active treatment, we have programs tailored to address your unique recovery requirements.

Atlas Healthcare Group offers California addiction and mental health treatment that can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Substance Problems in Long Beach and Greater L.A. County

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The problematic use of drugs and alcohol is a prevalent concern in Los Angeles County. Many individuals in the county suffer from a diagnosable SUD, and unfortunately, a significant number of residents die due to substance overdoses.

In Long Beach, the prevalence of alcoholism and alcohol abuse is moderate compared to other parts of the county. However, the city is heavily affected by cocaine use, and the rate of heroin use is in line with the county average.

The Perceived Need for Treatment in Long Beach and L.A. County

Many individuals with serious substance problems may not be aware that they need help. Denial of the effects of addiction is a common sign of addiction itself. In L.A. County, a significant problem is a failure to recognize the need for rehab, which affects the majority of residents with SUDs who do not seek specialized treatment.

If you have more questions about the impact of SUDs in Long Beach and Los Angeles County, you can obtain more information at an Atlas Healthcare rehab center.


Our medical detox programs offer safe and comfortable detoxification from drugs & alcohol.

Residential Inpatient

The residential inpatient programs at our facilities offer a life changing experience for each client.

Partial Day

Through partial hospitalization you can get all the benefits of inpatient treatment on an outpatient basis.

Intensive Outpatient

We offer a flexible schedule at our mental health & substance abuse intensive outpatient programs.


Our outpatient programs combine evidence-based practices with holistic therapies for long-term solutions.

Supportive Housing

Our luxury supportive housing provides accountability and structure for clients in treatment.

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Detox at Atlas Treatment Centers in Long Beach

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Drugs and alcohol have various effects on the body. While some effects may be desirable and contribute to the development of problematic substance use, the overall impact of substance abuse can be toxic and damaging. To begin your recovery journey, it is essential to cease exposure to these harmful effects by stopping substance use.

Quitting substance use, however, can be a daunting task, primarily because addiction:

  1. Drives individuals to seek and use more of the substance.
  2. Impairs their ability to consider the consequences of drug and alcohol use.
  3. Often leads to distressing withdrawal symptoms upon cessation.

These obstacles are real, but they should not hinder your efforts to achieve sobriety. Experts agree that the best way to overcome these challenges is through supervised detoxification programs.

Detox programs utilize a combination of standard and substance-specific methods. Standard methods include conducting a comprehensive assessment of your SUD status and overall health, ensuring you are stable enough to begin and complete detox, and implementing measures to reduce stress and enhance comfort during the detox process. Substance-specific detox methods vary depending on the class of substance associated with your SUD.

Customizing Detox

Moreover, your detox experience should be customized to suit your specific situation. Customization is not an optional aspect of effective detoxification but a vital requirement to ensure you receive the best possible care and support.

To learn more about substance detox at a Long Beach drug and alcohol center, consult the specialists at Atlas today.

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When looking for a behavioral healthcare provider, Atlas Health Group is your top choice. Our advanced treatment methods provide our clients with tailor-made treatment for substance abuse & mental health. Our expert, experienced team has been helping clients for decades and is dedicated to providing the highest quality care available.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Long Beach

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Rehab has two primary goals: assisting individuals in achieving sobriety and helping them maintain long-term recovery from alcohol or drug use. While detox helps individuals become sober, active drug or alcohol treatment takes the recovery process further by teaching individuals how to sustain their sobriety in the long run.

Psychotherapy is the cornerstone of active treatment for SUDs. Therapy encompasses a wide range of approaches that can address various recovery needs and situations. Some commonly used psychotherapy options include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), family therapy, motivational interviewing, 12-step facilitation therapy, and community reinforcement. These options are beneficial for individuals with multiple forms of SUD and are often combined to provide a more comprehensive impact.

Effective treatment centers in Long Beach also incorporate medication into the rehabilitation process. Several medications can aid in the recovery from alcohol or opioid-related SUDs. When combined with therapy, these medications form the basis of medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which offers extensive benefits when used appropriately.

If you want to learn more about the goals and methods of active treatment, you can find the answers you need at an Atlas Healthcare facility in the greater Los Angeles area.

Addressing Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues in Long Beach Drug Rehab

The Atlas Healthcare Group Difference

There is a clear association between SUDs and mental health issues not directly caused by drugs or alcohol. Whenever conditions from each category occur together, they must be addressed in a single recovery plan. Failure to follow this principle can inhibit recovery from both problems affecting you.

Like a substance treatment plan, a co-occurring disorder plan will make heavy use of DBT, CBT, or another form of therapy. There’s also a good chance that it will call for the use of one or more medications. Factors affecting the therapies and medications you receive include the following:

  • Type and extent of the SUD affecting you
  • Nature of your additional mental illness
  • Specific separate and combined effects of the two conditions

Consult us today to learn more about ways of addressing co-occurring mental health issues in rehab. 

Other Available Recovery Services

Effective rehab often incorporates additional recovery services. These may include oversight and guidance from a case management team, intervention services during moments of crisis, or a stay in a sober living home after completing active treatment. To learn more about these and other available services, speak with the specialists at an Atlas Healthcare facility.

Let Us Guide You

Atlas Health Group is a group of like-minded people dedicated to making an impact in the lives of those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Our state-of-the-art programs offer high-quality, individualized, evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment that identifies and treats the root causes of addiction and mental illness. Contact our caring admissions team who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right now.

Terrific facility for mental health treatment. If you or your loved one is struggling and needs a program. This is the place to call. The staff are excellent and the housing is top notch. It doesn't get any better in California or the country for that matter than Satori Health.

Mark L.

I give you guys my word when I say they help a lot with recovery, they make you feel at home and welcome, They actually care about you and want you to do better for your life. It was a great experience and I told multiple people about it so they can get their lives back on track like I did! I recommend this place to anyone that need help with their addiction and mental illness cause it really helped me!

Sean R.

I didn’t know it was possible to get sober until I went to silicon beach treatment center. They give you excellent support and have amazing communication with you at all times. The person who helped me out the most was Stephen Carr, the administration director. He was so genuine, down to earth and gave me motivation and inspiration every single day, but even on the days that I didn’t want it. He support me on my journey every step of the way and I couldn’t thank him enough till this day. I tried for 2 years to get sober and now I am already 10 months sober !

Justine C.

This treatment center is one of the reasons why I am alive today and clean and sober. The care I got from staff while my stay there was so genuine and caring. I can’t put in words how grateful I am to have passed through Silicon Beach Treatment Center. They will always have a place in my heart and if you are looking for help this is by far one of the best places there is out there.


Silicon is a great program. From the Clinical Director, Alisha (Ali) to House Managers like Stephen Castel, everyone cares and genuinely wants to help you recover in whatever ways they can. The sober livings are clean and spacious, and don’t feel crowded like housing in treatment often does. Groceries are provided with client input on what we like and want for the house

Megan J.

Choose an Atlas Facility as Your Long Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

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Enrolling in a Long Beach drug and alcohol rehab center can help you combat the harmful effects of SUDs and cope with additional mental health issues. Rehab is effective because it addresses all key aspects of your recovery, regardless of your specific treatment needs and situation.

If you are looking for a rehab provider in Long Beach, Atlas Healthcare offers multiple facilities conveniently located near your community. Our dedicated experts are committed to helping you succeed and achieve your recovery goals. To learn more about getting started with addiction treatment in California, contact us today.

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