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Young adults consistently have the highest rate of substance use for any age group in the U.S. People in this age group also have unusually high rates of addiction and dysfunctional substance abuse. And once they develop drug or alcohol problems, young adults often face unique challenges in their efforts to recover. There are two main takeaways from these facts. First, there’s a good chance that you know a young adult who needs substance treatment. What’s more, the best place to undergo that treatment may be a specialized, young-adult rehab center.

Need a young-adult addiction treatment center in Los Angeles or a nearby community? Talk to the experts at Atlas Healthcare. We feature a full slate of recovery programs specifically designed to help young adults. This targeted approach to treatment is then further customized to suit your specific needs. The outcome for many is an improved chance of establishing and maintaining daily substance sobriety.

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Young Adults and Substance Problems

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There is no universal definition for what constitutes a young adult. However, in the U.S., the term commonly refers to people aged anywhere from 18 to 25. People in this age group are known for their vulnerability to drinking and drug use. A number of factors help explain this vulnerability, including:

  • The higher degree of independence that comes with the end of direct parental supervision
  • A heavy focus on exploring ideas of self and identity
  • Exposure to increasing levels of choice and opportunity

Many young adults are also significantly impacted by the influences of new jobs, friendships or intimate relationships. In one way or another, all of these factors mark a transition from adolescence to full adult status.  

Some people who later run into problems first start drinking or taking drugs as late teens or early adults. Others intensify a pattern of substance use that began at an earlier age. In either case, the end result can be exposure to significant harms such as: 

  • Clinical drug or alcohol addiction
  • Damaging, non-addicted substance abuse
  • A drug or alcohol overdose

Unfortunately, out of all age groups, young adults are the least likely to see drug or alcohol use as potentially harmful. This is true for addictive substances in general. However, today, it’s especially true for marijuana and other forms of cannabis. 

Want to know more about young adults and reasons for their vulnerability to substance problems? Contact the knowledgeable staff at Atlas Healthcare today.


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Young-Adult Substance Problems in California

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California roughly follows the national trends for substance problems in young adulthood. About 15% of all people in the state aged 18 to 25 have a diagnosable alcohol problem. What’s more, close to 17% of the state’s young adults have a diagnosable problem related to drug or medication use. Given the size of the population of Southern California, it’s almost certain that many of those affected live in this vast region. 

For more facts on young-adult substance problems in California, talk to the professionals at Atlas Healthcare. 

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The Unique Dangers of Developing Substance Problems as a Young Adult

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Young adults who misuse drugs or alcohol are exposed to some significant, age-related health consequences. Much of the potential danger centers on the function of your brain. Extensive research shows that the average person’s brain doesn’t completely develop until they reach their mid-20s. The presence of substance problems can interfere with normal development in multiple ways. Specific areas of your brain that can be negatively impacted include regions responsible for helping you:

  • Stay motivated in positive ways
  • Create healthy routines and habits
  • Manage stressful feelings and emotions
  • Think clearly and make wise decisions 
  • Keep your impulsive behavior in check

In turn, problems in these areas can further reinforce your dangerous use of drugs or alcohol. They can also make you more likely to take dangerous risks in other parts of your life. 

These are just some of the dangers associated with developing substance problems during early adulthood. For more details, turn to specialists at Atlas Healthcare. 

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Throughout your initial treatment, you’ll learn relapse prevention strategies, get help from your family members, and enjoy peer support. Professional rehab centers give you the tools to stay on track once you get home and provide your family members with information on how to best support you.

You aren’t alone. We can get you the right addiction treatment in California with Atlas Healthcare Group.

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Basic Principles of Southern California Addiction Treatment for Young Adults

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The core principles of young-adult addiction treatment are basically the same as those that guide treatment for older adults. These principles focus on things such as:

  • Viewing addiction as a complex brain disease that can be successfully treated
  • Using both detox and active rehab as tools for effective treatment
  • Matching all treatment programs to your specific recovery needs
  • Considering all aspects of your recovery, not just relief of your addiction’s direct effects
  • Participating in treatment long enough for it to produce its intended benefits
  • Using behavior-based psychotherapy as the foundation for addiction treatment
  • Adding medication to psychotherapy in order to support recovery from certain forms of addiction
  • Making regular assessments of your treatment progress and changing your recovery plan when circumstances call for new or different forms of help 
  • Addressing any mental health issues that occur together with your substance problems

In addition, you must be regularly monitored for any potential signs of a relapse back into active substance use. 

Have further questions about the essentials of treating young adults affected by addiction? Get the answers you need at Atlas Healthcare. 

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Atlas Health Group is a group of like-minded people dedicated to making an impact in the lives of those struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Our state-of-the-art programs offer high-quality, individualized, evidence-based, trauma-informed treatment that identifies and treats the root causes of addiction and mental illness. Contact our caring admissions team who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right now.

Special Treatment Considerations for Young Adults

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High-quality Southern California addiction treatment for young adults will also pay close attention to some additional considerations. First and foremost, young adults in recovery tend to need more support than older adults. This not only means having access to a wider range of direct treatment options. It also means providing extra help in areas that support your overall well-being, including your:

  • Relationships with friends and peer groups
  • Work life
  • School life 
  • Housing situation

Services that provide this kind of help can be crucial to your rehab success. That’s true because, when they go unaddressed, problems in any of these areas can interfere with your recovery. Like treatment itself, the additional services you receive must be customized to fit your particular situation. 

Consult Atlas Healthcare today to find out more about young adults’ additional needs in addiction treatment.

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Every year, young adults bear a large share of America’s exposure to serious substance problems. That’s true, in part, because people aged 18 to 25 are more likely to drink or take drugs. It’s also true because substance use at this stage of life can increase your risks for serious, drug- and alcohol-related harm. 

In most respects, effective treatment for young adults mirrors effective treatment provided later in life. However, young adults have additional needs that may not be met in an all-ages adult recovery program. As a rule, your best bet for meeting these needs is enrolling in a program designed specifically for young adults. 

Looking for high-quality Los Angeles substance abuse treatment for young adults? Call on the experts at Atlas Healthcare. We provide specialized young-adult treatment resources for Southern California residents. These resources include the psychotherapy and medication used to help all people with substance problems. They also include the extended services often required to help young adults thrive and reach their recovery goals. To find out more and get the process started, just contact us today. We’re standing by to assist you. 

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