Is Alcohol Detox Safe?

Is Alcohol Detox Safe?

If you’ve ever seen anyone struggle with addiction, you likely know something about the role that rehab plays in the recovery process. One component of recovery that often gets overlooked is the detox process. When it comes to alcohol addiction, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be quite dangerous to the individual going through them. There are many factors that contribute to the withdrawal process and how detox goes. This is why some people wonder is alcohol detox safe?

Detox is often a significant part of any addiction treatment program, so it helps to understand the risks of detox and how the right treatment program can keep your loved one safe while they are in treatment. Atlas Healthcare Group has an alcohol detox center to help those with an alcohol addiction get the alcohol out of their system before they begin the process of treatment. We provide all levels of treatment and have a highly trained staff that is able to handle the challenges that come with alcohol addiction treatment. 

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Does Alcohol Addiction Require Detox?

Alcohol, like any other addictive substance, may require detox as a part of the addiction treatment process. Detox is necessary because it is impossible to complete the treatment process unless the addictive substance is removed from the body. In the case of alcohol, the effects of alcohol addiction can last for months or years after a person stops drinking, making detox a necessity for the program to work. 

Though each and every addiction experience is unique, the need for a complete rehab program is the same. This is why every treatment plan begins with detox. We provide medically supervised detox to all our clients to ensure they are ready to begin their recovery journey on solid footing. Detox helps not only remove the alcohol from a person’s body but also get rid of the cravings and make it so that they can focus on the treatment process rather than on getting more alcohol and drinking. Getting through this initial phase of the recovery process can make a big difference in whether the overall treatment is successful. 

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Is Alcohol Detox Safe?

Because of how severe withdrawal can be, it is fair to ask the question, “is alcohol detox safe”? The answer is that trying to detox from alcohol without the help of trained professionals is incredibly dangerous. The side effects vary by person, but they can be quite severe depending on how long a person has been drinking and any underlying health conditions. 

At a proper treatment center, like one of ours at Atlas Healthcare Group, you will find trained medical personnel that are able to manage the health concerns of clients undergoing detox. In most cases, the person will receive around-the-clock medical supervision so that if an adverse event happens, it can be treated quickly. Alcohol addiction is more dangerous than other substances because alcoholism can affect multiple systems in the body over time, and organ failure and death become a real possibility.

What Are Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

Alcohol withdrawal is a serious condition; if you notice someone going through withdrawal, you should get them help immediately. 

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can range from mild symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fever, sweats, slurred speech, and blurred vision, to more complex symptoms like liver failure, heart problems, kidney failure, and seizures. Though data suggests that the risk of severe side effects increases with the length of addiction and the rate of consumption, it is possible that a person who is a relatively new drinker or only drinks heavily on occasion can experience these side effects. 

The sooner that a person gets put into a professional detox program, the more likely they are to avoid long-term adverse health effects and have a positive outcome from addiction treatment. 

How to Find an Alcohol Detox Center Near You

If you or a loved one are suffering from alcohol addiction and are ready to start detox, then Atlas Healthcare Group is here for you. One of our treatment centers can help you not only get through the detox process safely but can provide you with the alcohol addiction treatment you need to stop drinking and move forward onto a life of sobriety. Don’t risk your life dealing with an alcohol addiction any longer. Contact us today and get the help you need.

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