Are There Holistic Mental Health Treatment Programs?

Are There Holistic Mental Health Treatment Programs?

When you think of mental health treatment, services such as therapy and medication management come to mind. Undoubtedly, those services are essential in helping people better cope with and overcome mental illness. However, effective treatment of mental illness often requires different approaches to give clients the best chance at long-term recovery. Holistic mental health treatment can provide clients with the support and care to overcome mental health issues and find peace.

If you are unfamiliar with mental health holistic treatment, this article will give you pertinent information on this emerging treatment model. You will better understand what is offered at a holistic mental health treatment center and the benefits of holistic mental health programs as a whole. If you or a loved one needs help in addressing your mental health issues, call Atlas Healthcare Group toll-free today. Our evidence-based outpatient treatment programs are designed for both adults and teens and will help you find purpose and meaning in your life.

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What is Holistic Mental Health Treatment?

Defined, holistic mental health treatment focuses on the person and not just the symptoms associated with mental illness. This includes a person’s mental, physical, spiritual, and social aspects. In mental health holistic treatment, practitioners will take a step back and look at the big picture. They will look at the overall lifestyle of the client and their relationships with others and themselves. Once holistic mental health practitioners get the entire picture, they are better able to put together a customized treatment plan that fits their specific needs.

For many people, holistic approaches to mental health and more “Western” approaches are seen as opposing viewpoints. However, holistic mental health treatment programs can be seen as complementary to a comprehensive mental health treatment program. While talk therapy and medications can be vital to a treatment program, holistic elements such as stress reduction techniques, proper diet, and movement-based practices such as yoga and tai chi may help strengthen recovery.

What Programs and Services are Featured at a Holistic Mental Health Treatment Center?

Much like traditional rehab programs, holistic mental health programs provide clients with a wide variety of programs and services. Also, like all rehabs, holistic mental health treatment centers customize their programs and services to meet each client’s unique and specific needs. The programs offered at holistic mental health treatment facilities can be grouped into several categories. For example, these facilities offer recreational therapy programs such as sports, recreation, community offerings, acting, games, and puzzles.

A second category of programs found at holistic mental health treatment centers in various forms of animal therapy. One such therapy that is most familiar to people Is equine or horse therapy. Many holistic facilities may also feature cats, dogs, birds, and even guinea pigs. For facilities near oceans, they often offer dolphin or other forms of marine therapy. Additional offerings include art therapy, music therapy, yoga, and other movement-based disciplines.

What Are the Benefits of Holistic Mental Health Treatment

Clients attending a holistic mental health treatment center will receive numerous benefits from the support and services provided. The main benefit of this form of therapy is learning stress reduction techniques and healthy coping skills. Since holistic therapies have a strong connection of mind, body, and spirit, people often feel a strong spiritual connection to the world outside of themselves. Additionally, people gain a better sense of self-worth and esteem and tend to have better overall health when attending a holistic mental health treatment facility.

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Holistic mental health treatment programs often are crucial in helping people rise above mental illness and live happy and healthy life. Atlas Healthcare can help you find California addiction and mental health treatment programs. Today is when you reclaim your life; call Atlas Healthcare Group toll-free.

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